What is “Protecting your Financial Roots?

Protecting the Equity

Protecting the equity you have in your home:

YOU can be responsible if someone gets hurt on property that you own. Having the right coverage means that YOU won’t have to pay, and that your insurance company will cover the costs, up to the limits of the policy. We work with you to ensure that you have enough coverage to shield you against having to pay any medical, attorney and other costs that may need to be paid to the injured person.

Protecting your Savings and Retirement account

Protecting your nest egg (savings, retirement account, etc):

If YOU accidently hurt someone in an accident. Whether an auto accident or another type of accident, if you don’t have proper insurance coverage, YOU can be personally responsible for paying the injured person’s costs (i.e. medical, attorney, property damage, etc). With the proper insurance coverage, we can work to safeguard that YOU don’t have to pay those costs out of your own pocket (from savings, retirement account, etc), but we work to make sure that your coverage is enough to have the insurance company pay any costs.

Protecting your good Credit:

We’ve all seen the attorney ads all over town and on TV. “Hurt in an Accident?” Well, if you are responsible for hurting someone in an accident, those attorneys can really make your pay and they can file judgements against you, in order to make you pay. Those can really hurt your credit. We will work to make sure you have proper coverage, so that YOU don’t have to pay, but that your insurance company can be responsible for all of those medical, attorney and property damage costs.