Here are some answers to frequently asked questions

Auto insurance can cover you against paying out of pocket for damage either caused by or done to your motor vehicle. Auto insurance policies may also include protection for people and other personal property under the same coverage. Please note: insurance requirements differ on a state-by-state basis.

Full coverage consists of both comprehensive and collision coverages, which includes coverage for injuries suffered by people, and damage done to vehicles and other personal property.

Standard homeowners insurance helps pay for damage to your home and other buildings on your property, protects valued possessions at home and on the road, and protects against bodily injury to you, your family, and your guests.

Renters insurance covers personal property from damage and theft, and protects you if anybody is injured in or around your home.

Umbrella Insurance is a low cost type of personal liability insurance that can provide coverage that is over and above what your homeowners and auto insurance will cover. Umbrella Insurance even covers certain claims that your homeowners and auto insurance may not cover, like libel, slander and false imprisonment.

Using statistics based on factors like place of residency, credit score, and likelihood of your vehicle being stolen, insurance companies calculate the cost of your premium.

If you qualify for good driver discounts you can significantly decrease your premium. In addition, bundling auto and home insurance will save you money on your total insurance package.

With home insurance, you can lower your premium by getting the multiple packages discount and/or the newer home discount.

Bundling is when you combine your auto and home (or other types) insurance into one package. You can save lots by bundling your policies.

Telematics is a method used to collect information about your mileage and driving habits. Telematics is always optional. If you sign up for Telematics, you could get safe-driving rewards and lowered insurance premiums, depending on your driving habits.

50/xx/xx – This first number is – the Bodily Injury Liability maximum ($50,000) for ONE person injured in an accident.

xx/100/xx – This second number is – the Bodily Injury Liability maximum ($100,000) for ALL injuries in the accident. This is the total that will pay out for the entire accident for all injuries.

xx/xxx/50 – This third number is – the Property Damage Liability ($50,000) maximum for the accident.